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Which accessories are a must for festival season?

Which accessories are a must for festival season?

With festival season very soon upon us, it’s time to start planning the practicalities and frivolities of those long weekends under the sun. Or amongst the rain, let’s be honest you can never be too sure! While, yes, festivals are all about joy, fun, music, and connection, you also need to sleep, eat, go to the loo, and walk a fair old way around fields. And do it all while looking, if not your best, at least with a sprinkling of style. 

This is where accessories are so important, since they strike the chord between style and function that is so important in a successful festival experience. From jewellery to headgear to bags, we look at which accessories are a must for festival season. 

Expressing your style

You already have your own day to day style, and maybe a slightly different tone to your evening style. However, your festival style is something completely different! The joy of festival season is that anything goes, no matter how wild and eccentric. So you’re free to let loose your inner flamboyance! So which look will you go for this festival season? 

Sparkly Disco Ball

Too much is not an issue when it comes to this look. Add sparkle wherever you can, from a sequined dress to metallic shoes. It’s all in the extra detail so why not add a sparkly ear cuff to reflect your exuberant glitter makeup!

Boho Chic

It’s all about the natural and ethereal for bohemian looks. Cute florals and floaty lines are the order of the day. Accessorise with a flower garland and layer up your bead bracelets to finish the look. 

Old Skool Dance 

From bucket hats and oversized t-shirts to neon satin, the old skool dance look is broad. Texture is strong in this look, so layer with a funky sling bag to add to the look and keep dancing.

Pop Princess

This look can be as varied as the music itself, it might mean sweet pastels or bold, statement pieces. Go for a super cute shell anklet for a flirty edge.

Hipster 2024 

This year, it’s all about sheer layers. Chiffon and mesh have been everywhere at the earlier events, so take inspiration with a sheer overskirt. Keep the layering theme in your accessories by layering up your necklaces.

Dressing for the weather

No matter how carried away you get with your festival persona, you can’t ever escape the fact that, in the UK at least, festival fashion has to be a little bit practical. From blazing sunshine to torrential showers, and everything in between, you can experience anything over the course of one weekend. So that the fun doesn’t stop, you need to make sure your accessories are in part weather conscious…


How much you go for headgear sort of depends on how much you prioritise your hair. But let’s face it, your hair really is at the mercy of the elements, which perhaps is one reason that hats are so very popular at festivals! From dramatic sun hats to classic bucket hats and trendy cowboy hats, you can get away with a bad hair day and protect yourself from the sun! Of course, don’t forget your sunglasses and protect them from damage when you’re not wearing them. And since the sun has a tendency to disappear, make sure that you can easily pop your choice of headgear in your sling bag. Ease of stowing away is one reason that bandannas and lightweight cotton bucket hats are so ideal.


Wellies or flip flops? To decide, check the weather forecast, and keep checking! If there’s even the slightest chance that you’ll need wellies then do it. If you invest in a decent pair with a nice flattering line then you’ll feel less resentful of wearing them. Even if the weather is lovely and summery (stranger things have happened!) then don’t forget about how much you’ll be on your feet. Flimsy sandals will likely rip your feet apart and your toes will get squashed in the crowds. So go for some cute lightweight trainers to keep you dancing all weekend.


We’re not talking about big woolly snug fest scarves here. Even in the worst weather scenario, it shouldn’t be that cold! However, a lightweight scarf is the most versatile accessory that you can dream of for a festival. Sudden nip in the air come evening? Use it to ward off the cold from your neck. Shoulders starting to burn? Quickly cover them without overheating. Our range of colours and prints will give you a style match for any festival look.

Stylish function

Nothing should stop the fun over festival weekend. So make sure that you balance a little bit of function in your festival vibe. This doesn't mean looking like you’re off on an orienteering expedition, though. We’ve got you covered with stunningly beautiful bag selection that are pitch perfect


Surely the epitome of combining style with practicality is your choice of bag. You want to stay hands free so that you can squeeze through crowds to get to the front of the stage. Yet, you need easy access into your bag so that you can grab that photo op in a split second! Roaming around a festival site means that you need everything for the day to be on you. A hat, sunnies, lightweight scarf, purse, phone, water bottle at the very least. The Florrie & Bird sling bag range is ideal here. There’s a huge variety of leather colours to choose from and you can go the extra mile with a printed or chain strap. Wear smaller sized bags as a bum bag if it matches your style, or stick to a sling bag arrangement… or change as the day requires!


From communication to photos to paying at the bar, the modern festival goer needs easy access to their phone! If you like to travel light and a sling bag is too much, check out our cross body phone pouches. Pockets simply don’t provide the security that you need - and indeed lots of summer outfits are missing the whole pocket detail! So these little beauties are a genius solution.

Festival season should be all about the fun, and there’s nothing that wrecks the fun more than losing your stuff. That’s why your game changer accessory this year will be your bag. Find your perfect Florrie & Bird match here!

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