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Unleash Your Wild Side: How to Master Animal Prints with Confidence

Unleash Your Wild Side: How to Master Animal Prints with Confidence

 Embrace the Wild: A Guide to Rocking Animal Prints at Any Age

Have you noticed the trending #mobwifeaesthetic taking over Instagram lately? As this glamorous style, characterized by bold animal prints, sassy leather, and voluminous hair, gains momentum, you might be wondering how to embrace animal print yourself, especially if you're over a certain age.  Are you too old for it, you may ponder? Absolutely not, it is all about how you style it.

Here's your comprehensive guide to exuding confidence and looking fabulous in animal print whatever your age.


1. Choose Classic Shapes

Let's start with the foundation – opt for timeless shapes that balance the wild nature of animal prints. A leopard shirtdress, a classic leopard print coat or pencil skirt are excellent choices.

Leopard Print Coat. Sosandar £145

Steer clear of overly intricate, frilly, or shiny clothing items, maintaining a sleek and sophisticated appearance.

2. Keep Accessories Complimentary & Simple

Your animal print is the star of the show, so keep accessories simple and complementary. For example, pair a graphic animal print blouse with black leather or plain trousers and a statement hooped earring.  (As seen here from Next  £39)


3. Pair Animal Prints with Solid Colors

Highlight the allure of animal prints by pairing them with solid colors that provide a neutral backdrop. Classics like white, black, brown, khaki, camel, or taupe work wonders. For a bolder statement, experiment with vibrant hues like red, emerald green, orange, or denim, resulting in elegant and visually striking combinations.

If you're not entirely comfortable rocking a full animal print outfit, fear not! Opt for one of our fabulous green and blue leopard print scarves instead. This stylish accessory will effortlessly accentuate your outfit, adding a playful animal print twist without overwhelming your look. It's a chic and versatile way to dip your toes into the world of animal prints, ensuring you feel confident and fashion-forward.

4. Wear Animal Prints Sparingly

While a touch of animal print exudes sensuality and chic elegance, too much can turn heads for the wrong reasons. Avoid the matchy-matchy overkill by adhering to the ONE ANIMAL RULE. If you're flaunting a leopard sweater, resist the temptation to pair it with leopard shoes or a leopard purse. 

5. Don't Mix Animal Prints

Mastering the art of wearing animal prints involves restraint. Mixing different animal prints, even for seasoned fashionistas, can be tricky. Stick to one print per outfit – it's a golden rule.

If you are new to animal prints, why not try them out with one chic animal print accessory? Even adding a leopard print belt to a plain dress can give you a sleek appearance while cinching in your waist for a flattering silhouette.

Don't underestimate the power of accessories – a well-chosen shoe or bag allows you to ease into animal prints and instantly jazz up your everyday outfit. Avoid looking like you've stepped out of an entire jungle by maintaining a sleek and focused appearance.

6. Avoid Animal Prints on Heavy Areas

Animal prints draw attention, so strategically place them to flatter your body shape. If you're bottom-heavy, opt for an animal print top paired with dark, solid-colored bottoms. Conversely, if you have a fuller bust, wear darker hues on top and let the animal print shine below. Highlight your assets – whether great legs or a slender waist – with strategic choices like animal print shoes or accessories.

 Confidence reigns supreme in the world of animal prints.  It's time to embrace the wild side of fashion with sophistication and flair.


Take a look at our animal print accessories here at Florrie & Bird.

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