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How to pick the accessories that elevate your unique style

How to pick the accessories that elevate your unique style

Ever wonder how on earth some women look so well assembled? By assembled we don’t mean that they are android women… Although thinking about it, that could go some way to explain the unnatural perfection that dominates a fair few Instagram grids! What we’re talking about is being well ‘put together’; coordinated in an unforced way. Effortless style actually takes rather a lot of effort, and the element that many people forget is accessories. These are the glue that hold a style together, elevating you from someone in a great outfit to someone exuding confidence in their look.

Identify your style foundation

Now, you’re not expected to choose a style identity and stick to it come what may; none of us are 14 any more! While no one has the same look all the time, it can help to think about how you’d describe your instinctive preferences when it comes to your style. Some days you may feel that your mood fits with one style more than another. Styles and looks are absolutely endless, but here are a selection of ideas to get you started:


These lines are sharp and elegant. Jeans are skinny and jackets are cinched at the waist. Wool, silk and leather are favourites when it comes to materials. But it’s the accessories that really set these looks apart. The shades and hues from scarf to earrings are always coordinated, picking out the colours of garments.


This look is based on simple, neutral tones. There’s a certain element of the practical in flat shoes and breathable fabrics. From sporty outfits to summer dresses, there’s always a sense of fluidity in the look. Accessories are understated but classic, with a sense of layering to build authenticity.


This is a look to envy; it’s one of those styles that you look at and think ‘how are they pulling that off?’ Contrasting colours, textures and eras all seem to work. If you look carefully though, there will be something common running through. From the angles or curves of jewellery to the print of a scarf, echos are key.


Based on trends but never a fashionista, street style brings an edge to everyday fashion. Look for how to incorporate this year’s colour through a bag or scarf that’s practical in city living. Frame your favourite street sneakers with a cute anklet, and never be without your sunglasses stored safely for easy access.


From ‘70’s disco to ‘90’s grunge, retro style comes and goes in catwalk trends. But people into retro fashion don’t follow this. They embrace the parts of nostalgia styles that suit them and make it their own regardless of what the high street says. This automatically exudes confidence and authority with a look. 

Adapting your look 

Not every day is the same, and how boring life would be if it was! From events and milestones to different activities through your week, you can use accessories to stay practical while still keeping the style that makes you uniquely ‘you’. 


Especially for the weddings of close family and friends, it’s important to still look like you! You’re likely to have photos either displayed in your home or that come up on news feeds to remind you of the special day. If a clutch bag really isn’t your thing, try a smart but discreet saddle bag

Business meeting

No one wants to be a faceless clone in a business suit! If you have a love for metallics, there’s no need to pretend you don’t when you’re in a professional environment!  Go for a muted bronze tote to hold your laptop and documents to stay true to your style without compromising practicality. 

On holiday

We all feel a bit more bold and open to experimenting with style when we’re on holiday. So if you have a favourite colour that you normally like to include accents of, why not take it further with a bright bag for the beach? Our summer woven range has a huge range of styles and colours to elevate your sense of you! 


Maybe you’re going for an all out costume for a festival, with angel wings and glitter make up. Or maybe you prefer to go practical to move from stage to stage efficiently! With a huge range of sizes, colours and materials, there’s a sling bag that will tie in so that you’re never without your valuables!

The daily grind

From the school run to dog walks to the supermarket shop, sometimes it all gets a bit… well, oppressive! It might sound shallow, but switching up your bag strap for something new, or promoting your bracelets from occasion wear to daily wear can give you a revived sense of confidence. Try it! 

Trademark looks

Are you known among your friends for a particular garment or accessory? Let's start with some examples: Victoria Beckham in her baseball cap era, Jackie Kennedy with oversized sunglasses, even Harry Styles and his string of pearls. Maybe you have an eye for exuberant boots, are the first in your group to break out the shorts when the weather turns, or are fearless when it comes to bold tights! Or maybe you’re the one who always has a lip balm to hand because of your always present phone pouch. If you don’t have something already, why not pick something. It can be really fun to have a trademark accessory - be it creative earrings, a sling bag, or stacked bracelets! 


The key thing with a trademark look is that it transcends trends! Having said that, keeping abreast of trends can be a really creative way of finding new ways to express your style. Animal prints are bang on trend - so if you’re rarely seen without a light scarf, add a vibrant leopard print to your collection, for example. Or go for a new print bag strap to update your trusty cross body bag!


Of course, a wonderful way to make sure that your accessories always look great together is to find a shop you love. Once you find a piece that’s perfect for you, you’re likely to find more of what sings to you from the same source. This is what we do at Florrie & Bird: we curate all of the things you’ll love so you can make easy choices that keep you looking uniquely you!

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